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About Sh8pe Rewards

How does it works?

Our objective at Sh8pe Rewards is to deliver tremendous value to our members by showcasing deeply discounted offers, many of which cannot be found by going directly to the merchant's site. Most often, these special offers are hidden somewhere deep inside a database. Our team then culls the very best of these offers and sends them directly to you via this Daily Deals newsletter. Note: instead of receiving daily emails, you can also opt for a weekly digest of offers by updating your email preferences.

In order to take advantage of these special offers, all you need to do is click on each merchant link in the email. It does not matter whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or other mobile device like a smartphone. All tracking links are directly embedded in the email itself.

In addition to the special merchant offers, which we always display in black type such as:

Take 20% Off with Click & Collect

you will also see the amount of Cashback generated by each purchase, as follows (in red type):

+ up to 5% Cashback

It is important to note that each transaction that runs through the Sh8pe Rewards platform will generate both a discount to you (the purchaser) as well as a Cashback percentage, which goes into the Sh8pe Rewards profit sharing pool.


A merchant offers a $100 item at a 20% discount. You would pay $80 for that item. In addition, you would generate a $4 Cashback on that purchase ($80 net price x 5% Cashback value).

It is easy to see how this is a win-win model for everyone, especially when applied to our upcoming Clubs Program. Imagine leveraging the masses of Club supporters, empowering each Club with a white label Rewards platform (dubbed "MobRewards") while giving the members and supporters direct access to thousands of discounted offers and coupons to their favorite merchants all the while collecting Cashback on every transaction! That is exactly the journey we are embarking on together.

Our long term objective is to empower thousands of clubs and charities around the world with this unique and systematic fundraising vehicle while generating a lifetime of residual income for all parties involved in making it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to register but i receive a message "The email has already been taken"

It means you probably already register or have been automatically signed upon your Sh8pe Club Membership. If you can locate your password you are free to reset your password at any time, by clicking the "Forgot Password" link.

What if i have more than one account (IDs)?

Each Sh8pe membership has one (and one only) assigned email address. Unique email addresses are the only unique identifier we use on Sh8pe Rewards in order to determine the rightful owner for each account. If you need to make qualifying purchases for more than one account, you will need to log into Sh8pe Rewards with the same email address associated with each Sh8pe account.

Example: your primary account is bob@xyz.com. You will need to log into Sh8pe Rewards with that email first (bob@xyz.com) and complete your qualifying purchase. Next, you will need to log out of Sh8pe Rewards and log in with the email address associated with your other account(s), i,e. bob.miller@xyz.com. You would need to repeat this same process for every Sh8pe account that you own, with the understanding that each account needs to have a unique email address associated to it. This is the only option that allows us to track purchases correctly and credit the rightful owner of each account with the qualifying purchase(s). Additionally, it is a good idea to save your purchase receipts in case we need to reconcile transactions.

Will we need to notify corporate what we've bought

This is a related question. Only eBay purchases qualify for the auto-play program. There will be no need to notify corporate of your purchase as long as you complete your purchase logged inside Sh8pe Rewards to the original purchaser. For this to happen, you will need to be logged into Sh8pe Rewards with your proper credentials, i.e. the email address associated with your Sh8pe account.

Regarding purchases made on the Sh8pe Rewards

In terms of timing, we will make every attempt to offer automatic qualifying for purchases by no later than August 1st. This option is not active yet, but we will make the announcement via this newsletter as soon as it is. Be aware that not all merchants will qualify for this option. We will provide a list of all merchants that do qualify by no later than August 1st when this option becomes available. Finally, the William Hill platform is a standalone platform that is not integrated into Sh8pe Rewards. Please direct your questions regarding William Hill directly to support@sh8pe.com.